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      howerich Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Wickham: Social Hub Hotel
      We went to the "Popcorn and Movie Night" which was awesome! The Wickham opens up their beer garden on Wednesday nights for a movie night. They project the movie onto the wall of their next-door-neighbour and provide free popcorn. What's not to like?!? Great atmosphere, awesome food options and love the fact that the newly refurbished "Wick" attracts a mixed crowd.

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      rpoyton Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great allrounder Hotel
      I've been a dedicated at least once a week if not more regular at the Wickham since its launch in 1993. It has been through many clientele changes over this time with the addition of a pokies lounge though sadly its not as busy or cruisey as it use to be. This I directly attribute to the advent of the internet and gaydr. Fellas stop being so lazy and get back out on the scene! Though this seems to be on the upward trend again as you can't fake it like you can on the net when your face to face with someone. The Wickham is the great all rounder pub. It caters to everyone of every age and every gender/sexuality identification. Happy hour is a perennial favourite of we regulars with cheap beer and basics between 5pm and 7pm every weekday and Sunday is happy hour all day. Can't remember what happens on Saturdays much or late at night anymore as I'm normally starting my eve at the Wick and then head off to the beat (I love being able to sit at the cockatoo bar at the beat and have my drinks brought to me without having to ask) to take me into the wee hours of the morning. The Staff are super friendly with both guys and gals. The manager who is currently Ruth is the best to date and always willing to make and take your thoughts and feedback to make sure your night out is up to scratch. And best of all the security staff are superb. Always friendly and watching out for you with no attitude or arbitrary entry refusals. So so many clubs could learn from this. As a Hotel/pub it has no cover unless there is a special dance event on and if you get in early before they fence off and start charging the cover, you can stay on without having to pay as a handy hint. Sadly this great old dame is due for a major refurbishment. It is looking tired and certainly could do with a little more style and glamour in its interior. To be fair as the Hotel is one of the oldest in Queensland it has needed major structural repairs (recently completed) and this has prevented money going on décor. But don't be dismayed by this fact as things will be underway soon to once again bring the place some glamour. Music is what you'd expect, dance and techno when the DJ's are on. Drag shows on most nights though Its all starting to sound the same to me but that's just my middle age setting in. When Dj's aren't on it is music videos that provide the sound and this covers all the best from camp classics, 80's and 90's to current hits. A great starting point for any evening out and always popular with gay tourists you can always have a fun time at the Wick if you check your attitude and dramas at the door and make the most of it.